To make this clear. I will fight so hard to save us that you’re going to be surprised.

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Tumblr Day

What is?

The 5th March everyone will draw or have a “t” on a place where everyone can see it (hands, face, t-shirts or everything you prefer) and when we will go out if anyone see it we will hug eachother and interchange our urls, so after if we want we can keep being in touch.

Who can do it?

Everyone that have a Tumblr. Yes even hipsters, porn and anything else blog. 

Why the 5th March?

I don’t know an anon said it but i think it’s a good date.

So reblog this guys and let’s make it happens!

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Oinkmonster is back!

So i’m planning to be active again here in tumblr 😊 Hahaha. So what’s new here? Followers? Hehe.

6 months ago on 04/12/14 at 07:33am

Back to reality.

Hi tumblr. It’s been 1 year since the last time i posted something here in my vlog. Hahaha 😁 i missed you so much! How are you? Did you miss me too? Nuxx! So summer class starts on monday 😞 so i guess back to reality again. Huehue. But i’ll get use to it. 😊☺😃

6 months ago on 04/12/14 at 07:29am